Soft robotic Gripper Beak B-4G64[H]/S

Beforetime, I heard people secretly complaining, saying that although our #softrobotic #grippers are good, there are also situations in some #industrial #robot #automation #applications where they are not suitable, especially if the workpiece is a little heavier, it is not suitable, either the soft gripper are too small to grasp, or are not loaded enough.

In fact, we have been secretly researching and developing, we will bring it to meet you today!

B-4G64[H]/S is a soft gripper that not only looks stronger~, but we are really talented! This soft gripper has a clamping force of (0-20N) and a clamping range of (28-50mm), and the recommended load is 0-1800g. It makes up for the shortcoming of insufficient clamping force of the previous flexible grippers. When encountering columnar and heavier workpieces, a single gripper can easily deal with it, saving cumbersome tooling steps and saving costs~