This is an all-in-one smart machine that integrates small delta robots, industrial visual cameras, feeding system and computer software. It can intelligently identify small parts, and then arrange the parts neatly through high-speed and precise robotic arms. No matter the front or back of the part, you can see it clearly at a glance. This product can improve efficiency and reduce costs for you. The operation interface is simple and easy to use, lowering the threshold for using automation products and increasing flexibility.

  • Category: Educational KIT




1.Delta robot arm is a high-precision, high-speed robot that is widely used in the field of industrial automation. Compared with other robots, delta robots suit for high-precision, high-repeatability operations, such as electronic component production, medical Equipment assembly and other fields. Its main features are simple structure, fast movement speed and precision and High degree of stability and reliability.

2.To provide more precise visual guidance for the robot arm so that it can better recognize identify and pick various complex-shaped parts.

3.By analyzing the feature data of the part surface, its geometric characteristics and material properties are identified, thereby achieving accurate identification and classification of parts. At the same time, the sensor can also quickly and accurately detect the position, attitude and size of parts.

4.Ordinary people can program robots without requiring specialized robotics skills and professional programming knowledge. Through this software, users can use a simple graphical interface to design and build robot automation tasks, including robot movement paths, sensors Monitor, respond, and more without writing in a programming language.

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