Hold me in the hole? DK5.4
This DK-5.4 small hole inner support kit includes 7 flexible GRIPPERs, 2 connection modules and 1 set of precision pressure regulating valves. After connecting the air source, the air pressure is guaranteed to be under the maximum safe air pressure marked on the grippers.By opening the positive pressure, the opening action of the soft #industrialgripper can be completed. At the same time, by adjusting the air pressure, the opening angle of the soft gripper can be controlled, and the effect of inner support of the workpiece can be achieved with the most suitable force. 

The recommended clamping ranges of the 7 grippers are:

The 7 types of soft beaks in the DK-5.4 small hole inner support kit package can be adapted to the multi-specification hole workpieces, round holes, square holes, and special-shaped parts. The use of the robotic arm can also achieve accurate and repeated positioning of 0.05mm, ensuring the high-precision matching of the subsequent assembly processes. At the same time, because of its soft material, it will not cause damage to the workpiece itself, ensuring the yield of the workpiece.Small and compact, it can adapt to narrow space layout, multiple flexible beaks cooperate to build a matrix, which can greatly improve the grasping efficiency and empower automated production. At present, it has been used in medical, cosmetics, hardware tools, 3c electronics, food and other industries.