The clothing manufacturer's profit margins are comparable to Tencent's!

Tencent is said to be the most profitable company in China,

Last year tencent had a gross margin of 30% and a net margin of 26%;

Think Foxconn is the best OEM manufacturer in the world,

Industrial union, A listed company owned by foxconn, had A net interest rate of just 4% last year;


In 2018, the gross and net profit margins of enterprises in China's garment and textile industry were 15.1% and 5.89% respectively. However, there is a traditional clothing enterprise with a gross profit rate of 31.6% and a net profit rate of 21.4%, and a market value of more than 150 billion yuan, which can be called the invisible champion of the clothing industry. He is Shenzhou International, which is located in Ningbo,China.

The garment industry is recognized as one of the labor-intensive industries that are difficult to replace by automation. Since soft, breathable and extendable fabrics have been common problems all over the world, few practices of "machine replacement" have been carried out in the garment industry worldwide. So how can a top OEM factory like Shenzhou achieve such a high net interest rate?CCTV "dress revolution" series recently, captured the secret places ShenZhou international factory - innovation center, the chairman of the board of the ShenZhou Jianrong Ma in CCTV program introduce Rochu Soft gripper: "It's almost same like human fingers, not like a traditional gripper which cause fold, it is as soft as the fingers of human being, also it's able to like a person's fingers, grip the cloth and move freely."

Flexible and convenient Rochu Gripper combination makes the manufacturing efficiency of Shenzhou International greatly changed. In the future, the manual clothing fabric handling and placement will evolve into a fully automatic robot with flexible gripper to complete it with high efficiency. With a daily production capacity of 600 tons of fabrics and 1.7 million pieces of clothes by Shenzhou International, intelligent manufacturing has broken through the traditional cognition.

It seems an easy task of using robot hands to complete human hands.However,it involves complex technological integration, which shows the new breakthroughs to manufacturing industry by the continuous penetration of new technologies. It is believed that in the near future, the functional innovation of the Rochu soft gripper solution will bring earth-shaking productivity innovation to more industries such as clothing manufacturing.

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