The global industrial robot market is monopolized by "four families", and the market space of domestic traditional robot industry is also very limited. In such a mature industry, if start-ups want to make a breakthrough, it may be a good choice to open up a new road in the market. ROCHU is such a company. 

Starting from the material of soft robotics grippers, they have transformed silicone rubber, which can only be used as a passive force buffer for hundreds of years, into a key component that can actively exert external force, injecting fresh energy into the industry.

In science fiction and film and television works, people's imagination of Robot form has no boundary. However, when it comes to "mechanical manufacturing" and "robot" in the real world, people's images are often inseparable from a common feature rigid structure.As for soft robotics grippers, although their designs often appear in famous academic journals such as science and nature, they basically stay in the laboratory stage without further manufacturing, let alone mass production and application.However, innovative technology from experiment to practice on the road, there must be someone out. ROCHU is the pioneer of soft robot technology.