B-2G1624[HB]/S This is a soft robotic grippers with good compatibility. The recommended clamping range is 14mm to 26mm for workpieces. At the same time, it can also achieve a load of about 200g per claw. Whether it is metal parts or injection molding parts, rods Whether it is a piece or an irregular piece, the "small bench" can be firmly grasped. In Yunnanese, it is quite "banzai"! Especially when the incoming material attitude of the assembly line is not fixed, the soft claw with high adaptive ability will have a much higher grasping fault tolerance rate. At the same time, the greater grasping force means that there is no need to replace other models at the same price. The soft finger can also achieve a good grasping effect, especially in the case of small space and complex working conditions with high weight of the workpiece itself, the application advantages are particularly obvious.Cooperate with the robotic arm to deal with small and medium batches and flexible production lines of multiple batches in the factory, which can effectively save production line switching time. The fastest opening and closing speed of the soft-touch soft claws is 300 times/min, the highest repeatability is 0.05mm, and the service life is one million times. When multiple claws are connected in series, they can also maintain a high degree of consistency and synchronization.