Under the background of Industry 4.0 and Made in China 2025, it has helped a large number of traditional manufacturing enterprises in China to complete the "machine substitution" transformation. According to the rigid demand of the market and deep integration with the Internet, the guide car has created service products in the field of intelligent manufacturing:

     Robot Engineer Talent Platform: Established a service ecosystem with robot engineers as the core, providing training, certification, employment and part-time services, and established the Robot Talent Network, the only vertical employment service platform for engineers in the robot industry with a vertical segment of 10 users Million +.

     Robot education: The Guide Car Robot Academy is the first-class educational institution for robot engineers in China. It is also equipped with engineer certification. In addition to the Hangzhou headquarters, it has opened three bases in Foshan, Chengdu, and Suzhou, and has delivered nearly 3,000 robot engineers to the industry.

     Robot after-sales service network: Initially completed the construction of robot after-sales service system. It has established technical service sites in South China, East China, Southwest and other areas to provide technical services for robot application companies, and cooperates with 500 robot manufacturers and integrators in the robot industry.

     Big data maintenance system for intelligent manufacturing equipment: DEMO version of the diagnosis and maintenance system for automated production lines has been completed.

     For a long time, from appearance to function, the industry has always been crowned with the title of "black technology". It is well known that "black technology" products pursue scientific research and innovation, and emphasize functionality and novelty. It is generally difficult to get out of the laboratory. The soft touch is quite different. The soft touch is positioned as a high-tech manufacturing enterprise, which includes not only the early stage raw material research and development and structural design, but also the later stage of production, assembly and marketing. The soft touch robot is not a high-cold technology that Bo Ren eyeballs. It is going to follow a mainstream market path.

     Modular splicing design is the foundation of product mass production. In addition to providing a complete paw kit and the "soft beak" series for the precision industry, the soft touch robot has also launched more than 30 single-finger modular design parallel combination kits. These kits can be used alone, or can be seamlessly spliced like building blocks, expanding the application market and providing users with more choices.

     In addition to pneumatic grippers, Soft Touch has also developed corresponding drivers, like the "brain" of the gripper. The manipulator and the gripper have their own drives. Only when the two realize the interlocking linkage can the operation be perfectly controlled. Generally, robot companies will leave expansion interfaces on the drives. Our products can be flexibly matched with various multi-axis manipulators, plug and play, and bring users a U-disk experience.

     With the increasing popularity of industrial automation, flexibility will be the mainstream development trend in future manufacturing. The domestic robot industry has also been booming in recent years, especially multi-joint collaborative robots will be the main force in future smart manufacturing military. The soft touch claw is suitable for all kinds of light robots, heavy objects as large as 10 kg, small items such as studs, and even soft and fragile pencil cores. . Because of its soft, non-toxic, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance characteristics, the soft-touch robot can show its talents in logistics, food packaging, electronics, auto parts and other industries.