What is the advantage of soft robotic gripper made in China

In the picking operation of the Soft Robotics Gripper Factory, the conventional clamps such as mechanical Soft Robotics Gripper and vacuum suction cups are commonly used to grasp the articles, which are often affected by different shapes, materials and positions of the products, resulting in failure to grasp smoothly. China Soft Robotics Grippers based on flexible robotics are the perfect solution to this industrial challenge.

Different from the rigid structure of the traditional claw hand, the Soft Robotic Gripper has a soft pneumatic "finger", which can adaptively cover the target object without pre-adjusting according to the precise size and shape of the object, and free from the production requirements of the traditional production line. The same size constraints. The finger part of the Soft Robotics Gripper is made of flexible material, the grasping action is similar to the finger of the person, and it is flexible and can automatically wrap the product, thereby avoiding physical damage to the product, and is suitable for various fields such as food, automobile, daily chemical, medical, 3C electronic, etc. It can be integrated into intelligent assembly, automatic sorting, logistics warehousing and food processing lines. It can also be used as a functional accessory for scientific research equipment, intelligent entertainment equipment or service robots. It is required to achieve intelligence, injury-free, high security and high adaptability. Ideal for customers who are sexually fetching.