Subversive grabbing, this domestic soft robotic grippers fire!

Recently, a cute soft robotic gripper has exploded the circle of friends in the machinery industry. The small claws are in the fierce siege of all walks of life. In the industrial world, her name is ROCHU  soft robotic gripper.

This cute and cool company is called ROCHU Soft Robotic Gripper. It was only established in March 2016, but don't underestimate her. Her main team comes from the robot industry. The Beijing Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Robotics Institute is familiar to us. The world's industrial giants are standing behind her.

The research and development team of ROCHU Soft Robotic Gripper designed a robotic gripper by studying the deformation mechanism of flexible materials. A single claw can grasp workpieces of different sizes, shapes and weights. Introducing intelligent automation into the field where the grasping targets of traditional mechanical claws are difficult to apply. The flexible claw hand has a soft, pneumatic "finger" that adaptively covers the target object without prior knowledge of its exact shape and size. Moreover, since the whole is made of a flexible material, the gripping action does not cause any damage to the workpiece, and is particularly suitable for a workpiece that is fragile or scratch-resistant.