The emergence of lightweight robot end clamping products (soft robotic gripper) expands the field of application of robots

The emergence of lightweight robotic end clamp products (soft robotic gripper) expands the field of application of robots. Its soft material and adjustable grip strength can effectively avoid scratches and breaks on the surface of the product, protect the product and increase speed. . Modular standard products can be quickly customized according to the shape and size of the grab, so this technology has been widely used in industrial automation, automotive, 3C electronics, logistics, food and medical industries.

The Rochu clamping system is mainly composed of a Rochu soft robotic gripper, Rochu controller, a compressed air source, an industrial robot and a control system thereof. Rochu controller acts as a standard drive control unit for the soft-touching jaws and is controlled by standard I/O signal ports, high-low signal ports or remote controls for easy and efficient interoperability with industrial robots or PLCs. The parameter adjustment panel knob can adjust the opening and closing force of the claw and the opening and closing speed. The built-in sensor can feedback the attitude of the hand in real time, realize closed-loop control, speed up the work beat and improve work efficiency. The controller accessory remote control can open and close the wireless remote control claws, which makes the debugging work convenient and efficient, thus greatly saving the on-site shutdown debugging time.