At the Guangzhou International Industrial Automation Technology and Equipment Exhibition, Softtouch and Li Qun Scara Robot demonstrated the high-precision and rapid insertion and removal of spring parts, which solved the problem of high-precision grasping and positioning of micro-elastic workpieces.

The soft beak product is small in size and adapts to small spaces or tight layouts. It has both flexibility and high precision.

As a soft robotic gripper expert, Rochu as attracted many new and old customers

On August 13, 2020 Guangzhou International Industrial Automation Technology and Equipment Exhibition ended perfectly in the Pazhou Complex of China Import and Export Fair.

The endless stream of people also demonstrates customers' recognition of soft touch products and solutions

On August 14, the Shanghai International Powder Metallurgy Exhibition held at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center also came to an end.

During the short three-day exhibition period, Softtouch welcomed many industry experts and industry partners to visit and consult at its booths in Guangzhou and Shanghai. Taking this opportunity to review, Softtouch would say to all the friends present: Thanks for having you, all the way Go with you!

As an expert in soft robotics grippers, Rochu has been committed to providing more diversified flexible gripping solutions for automation equipment manufacturers in various industries for many years. In the two exhibitions this time, Softtouch also brought many new products, including enhanced fingers, new iPCU controllers, and multiple series of soft beak products.