There is a kind of sheet-like workpieces, because they are hollowed, air-permeable, and irregular in shape, they are sucked by suction cups, and the success rate is not high. Is there a gripper that can achieve high success rate and excellent versatility?

The BM-20005V[P] standard soft beak gripper can be used for sorting thin and light parts between 0.18mm-3mm. For small and thin special-shaped workpieces, it can pinch even if it is close to the flat surface. Grab it while making sure that the surface of the product is flawless.

BM-20005V[PAS] can also be selected for light and small workpieces with high blanking accuracy requirements and high surface finish. Due to its anti-static material, it can effectively improve the blanking adsorption problem caused by static electricity and improve the blanking pendulum. Accuracy.