Custom configurations of China soft robotic grippers

Previously, Soft Robotic Gripper would produce custom grippers for its users. With Rochu, most of them will found out their own configurations.

“We launched Rochu to empower all of our customers to make, validate and install their own production-ready Soft Robotic Gripper engrossing systems in minutes,” Vause same. “While we'll still do custom work on AN as-need basis, we tend to anticipate that the unnumerable configurations and spacing choices that every kit offers can meet the requirements of an outsized share of current and future client choosing applications.”

Vause noted that Rochu is meant to create soft grasping accessible to all or any cobot users.

“We feel that this unlocks the potential of cooperative robots as a result of it’s not unnatural by fixed-geometry systems and is accessible for non-robot users,” he said.