In manufacturing industries such as automobiles and 3C, fully automated production lines and automated equipment have largely replaced traditional labor. However, in recent years, the clothing and textile industry has gradually shifted to Southeast Asia, Africa and other regions with low labor costs. One important reason is that the machine seems to be a little bit "too hard and afraid of the soft"-because the fabric is soft and malleable, how does the machine realize the fabric? Layered grasping, how to avoid pulling deformation and achieve precise positioning when moving and retaining has become a common problem in the clothing industry all over the world. For labor-intensive companies such as clothing, it is necessary to find "new automation" with more flexible features to make up for the disappearance of labor dividends.Choose different types of soft beaks of soft robotic gripper according to different types of fabrics, and adjust the air pressure with the air driver to precisely control the air pressure to simulate the hand feeling of people. The fabrics can be accurately layered, clamped, and stacked.