Developing Rochu Soft Robotic Gripper

Although Soft Robotic grippers have been developed over several years, Rochu‘s modular strategy was created in response to customer demand.

“Our clients have asked for the potential to quickly build and install our disruptive technology, and we have delivered with Rochu,” noted Carl Vause, CEO of Soft Robotics. “Rochu leverages Soft Robotics’ factory-validated technology that has continued over two years and billions of cycles for main manufacturing clients from around the world.”

“OEMs and robotic system integrators that serve the food and beverage, collaborative, and patron goods industries got here to us directly, seeking a modular and bendy solution for their choosing applications,” Vause instructed The Robot Report. “In order to reach new markets with Soft Robotics’ groundbreaking gripping system, they wanted the potential to quickly build their own system and make adjustments to it in real time.”

“We held focus companies where we let clients experience the package firsthand and furnish their feedback,” he added.

“The project used to be figuring out the proper range of aspects and spacing alternatives to meet the unique requirements of our customers’ selecting applications,” said Vause. “After being in the market and constructing options for our customers, we are assured that the Rochu package that has all the right elements to automate each customer’s challenge, regardless of product or industry.”