A piece of mosquito-repellent incense ash, scattered but not scattered, a little touch, the ash flies and disappears. But the flexible grippers in the video can handle it freely, and even the volley Thomas didn't hurt him at all. Is such a magical scene an on-the-spot magic or something else? For a time, the majority of netizens heatedly discussed it.In fact, it is not difficult to grab mosquito-repellent incense ash itself. The difficult thing is how to precisely control the precision of the gripping. The soft-touch self-developed air drive with flexible gripping jaws just meets the conditions for grabbing mosquito-repellent incense ash. When we set an air pressure value for the workpiece itself, this air pressure value can theoretically match the workpiece, but the mosquito-repellent incense dust is different, its density is loose, and the originally set air pressure value may be a little bit different after pinching. Silk, this little bit determines whether the incense ash can be successfully grasped. Thanks to the material of the soft robotics grippers, it has a certain degree of adaptability. The particularity of this material is that it will be To a certain extent, to make up for the lack or interference of the predetermined air pressure, so as to better match.