As a new category of end grips, soft robotic grippers, cylinders, suction cups and other products familiar to standard engineers have their own particularity in the selection and use of the products.

On the other hand, most of the soft robotic grippers are shaped and soft products, there is no professional simulation software to assist the design of the market.

Therefore, friends who use soft robotic grippers for the first time often have such questions. I am not sure whether my workpiece is suitable for soft robotic grippers. I will not choose the type. What should I do?

How to choose a model quickly? The answer is testing.

Take the most common picking and placing test as an example. In the scheme design stage, engineers usually have to verify whether the soft robotic grippers can grip, the grip is stable, the blanking is not accurate, how fast can be taken, It will not interfere with the space during the movement.

Option 1: You can mail samples to get our free sample testing and program recommendation service.

Rochu has a team of experienced technical support engineers, a large number of soft robotic grippers and various robotic arms. Can quickly simulate on-site working conditions for testing:

Our exclusive consultant will match the soft robotic grippers solution suitable for you within 24 hours of receiving the samples, and simulate the field conditions (strength, speed, stability) for testing and shooting video.

Option 2: Develop a test suite package

If your samples are inconvenient to post, or the on-site working conditions are difficult to simulate. You can also choose to develop test suite packages:

•Contains a full range of Rochu end flexible clamp modules from soft beaks to enhanced fingers.

• Out of the box, no additional accessories and tools are required, and modules can be quickly assembled and tested for grabbing results in minutes.

• Contains a plug-and-play standard control unit that can be driven by compressed air or power.

• Can be used as: on-site rapid scheme verification for food fresh, 3C electronic parts, apparel fabrics, and auto parts industry.