How will the mini Finger raise Soft Robotics’ product line?

Soft Robotic Gripper is devoted to finding customers’ issues in packaging and process merchandise that modify in size, shape, and weight. These SKU [stock-keeping unit] variations show up within the highest-growth soft robotic gripper sectors: food and drinkable, goods and medical device producing, and e-commerce and retail.

The mGrip system provides flexibility to make a gripper quickly that meets the wants of your application — making certain you get ROI [return on investment] on your system quicker than ever. It conjointly offers customers the power to alter what has ne'er before been with success automatic.

We’re proud to feature the Soft robotic gripper to the mGrip system. With a five hundredth diluent style from the opposite Soft Robotic Fingers, the Soft robotic gripper mini Finger with success picks and places in tight, compact areas. Any of our Soft artificial intelligence grippers are often designed exploitation the Soft Robotic Finger to with success solve for our customer’s toughest and tightest packaging applications.