In the production process, sudden power failure, mechanical gripper without self-locking function stop working, the material workpiece will fall, the resulting loss is inevitable, so power failure protection is an important guarantee to meet the safe operation of the process system.In fact, it is not difficult to realize the power-off self-locking function, but it is often time-consuming and laborious in the process of refitting, or it needs to free up additional space, which makes it difficult to use the originally compact space. Is there a simple way to quickly realize the self-locking function?Not to mention the video, this issue of dry goods you must collect Oh!In fact, as long as a two position three-way solenoid valve is connected to the air outlet of the air driver ipcu2, the air path of the solenoid valve is connected when it is powered on, and the clamping claw works normally. When it is powered off, the solenoid valve loses power to maintain pressure, and the clamping claw realizes self-locking.