Why can the soft robotic grippers reach such a high hand speed?

Pneumatic vs electric

The electric gripper, due to its advantages of easy deployment and plug-and-play, is suitable for applications where the speed tempo is not demanding, but the mobile portability is demanding. The working principle is essentially an energy conversion process of electric energy-electromotive force-kinetic energy-variable speed, which always requires a series of devices such as motors, reducers and so on to complete the complex conversion process, and sacrifices efficiency and speed. The soft-touch jaws are directly driven by air (air pressure-clamping force), and the air pressure directly drives the jaws, eliminating the intermediate link, which is faster and more efficient.

soft robotic grippers VS cylinder

Cylinder products, the piston moves by air pressure. The piston will generate frictional resistance with the cylinder wall. Friction resistance will not only reduce the speed of the cylinder, but also produce a large amount of heat due to long-term high-speed movement, causing rapid aging of the seals and affecting the service life.

During the working process of the soft-touch jaws, no material friction will be generated, so the wear and aging caused by friction and the reduction of efficiency will be avoided, and the long-term high-speed movement is as stable.

Therefore, in terms of speed comparison, only the vacuum suction cup is the player with the same level of rochu soft robotic grippers.

So in actual selection and installation, what should we pay attention to in order to achieve high-speed response?

Based on the working principle of the soft-touch jaws, it is not difficult to understand that to increase the opening and closing speed of the soft robotic grippers, it is essentially to provide more flow to the jaws.