Industrial-grade soft robotic gripper for robotics

The industrial-grade soft robotic gripper, available from Motoman Robotics, is best for a extensive range of functions which includes computer tending, fixture load/unload, high-mix section dealing with and kitting, the company said. The Adaptive Gripper (Robotiq S-Model) has three articulated fingers that can adapt robotically to a huge range of components of varying size and shape.
The Robotiq Adaptive Gripper is ideal for purposes requiring one robot to manage a high combine of section types, disposing of the need for a device changer and multiple tools. Compared to customized tooling, the Adaptive Gripper reduces setup fees and cycle time due to its short stroke and removing of tool change delays.
The Adaptive Gripper features 4 operation modes, such as basic, wide, scissor and pinch. Its sensorless grip detection distributes strain on up to 10 contact points, minimizing achievable for phase slippage. Delicate or risky objects can be without problems handled.