The RoChu Soft Robotic Grippers, the world’s first digitally managed mechatronic gripper with patented multi-tooth coaching is best for industrial environments. It has elevated the multi-tooth guidance for higher second capacity, a continuous lubrication pocket in the guide contour, and the demonstrated wedge-hook kinematics with a high surface coverage in all stroke positions.

The mechatronic general gripper makes the change from pneumatic to electric aspects particularly easy: it has an equal mounting pattern to its pneumatic counterpart, and the 24-V gripper is without difficulty managed via digital I/O. Up to two gripping positions can also be monitored with the aid of ability of an additional M8 widespread connection. The required control and electricity electronics are already absolutely built-in into the compact module, so no additional area is wanted in the manipulate cabinet. More after the jump.

With the ROCHU Soft Robotic Grippers, everlasting lubrication is furnished thru non-stop lubrication pockets in the guidance. For brief strokes in particular, the precept of minimum volume lubrication ensures quick and even distribution of the lubricant making the gripper nearly maintenance-free and drastically extends its provider life.

The ROCHU Soft Robotic Grippers also has an enlarged drive piston region which will increase grip force so that higher workpiece weights can be handled. In addition to the larger piston, the wedge power mechanism has been redesigned for lower friction and higher surface place which transmits greater energy to the jaws growing even more grip force than previous generations.