Rochu is the leader of Soft Robotics’ response to user needs

Last week, Soft Robotics Inc. released its Rochu soft robotic grippers system. The Bedford, Mass.-based corporation said its “on-demand” device will help tender robotics proliferate and enable users “to build, validate, and deploy production-ready systems in minutes.”

Soft Robotics designs and sells soft manipulators the usage of patented technological know-how based totally on research by way of Prof. George M. Whitesides at Harvard University. Unlike rigid manipulators, the company’s fingers can manage a vast range of objects in terms of shapes, rigidity, and fragility. It does this barring     requiring more than one and probably high priced sensors.

Soft Robotics’ grippers are used in advanced manufacturing, food and beverage processing, and e-commerce order fulfillment. Customers consist of a main pizza retailer and Just Born Quality Confections, the maker of PEEPS.

The soft robotic gripper allows clients to area the soft fingers as needed. Soft Robotics’ structures are designed to work with the main collaborative robot arms, or cobots.