Soft robotic grippers allow gentle, adaptive, and bioinspired manipulation that is in reality no longer possible the usage of regular inflexible robots. However, it has remained challenging to create multi-degree-of-freedom smooth actuators with excellent sensory skills for soft manipulators requiring greater dexterity and closed-loop control. In this work, we use embedded 3D printing to produce smooth robotic fingers with discrete actuation modes and integrated ionogel smooth sensors that provide proprioceptive and tactile sensing corresponding to every diploma of freedom. With new readout electronics that streamline the measurement of sensor resistance, we consider the fingers’ sensory feedback thru free and blocked displacement experiments. We integrate three of our sensorized fingers collectively to create a soft manipulator with different grasping poses. Finally, we showcase the significance of the fingers’ discrete actuation modes and integrated sensors by a closed-loop greedy study. Our methods demonstrate an enabling manufacturing platform that can be tailored to create different gentle multi-DOF manipulators requiring somatosensory comments for a variety of closed-loop and computing device learning-based manipulate algorithms.