Exhibit 1: Layering and Grabbing of Soft and Breathable Fabrics in the Clothing Industry

As we all know, in the manufacturing of complete vehicles and mobile phones at home and abroad, full-line automation has become commonplace. However, as soon as the clothing industry is introduced, the machine will "bluff and fear soft"-how the machine is realized because the fabric is soft and ductile Layered grabbing of fabrics and accurate and automatic stacking are common problems in the textile industry worldwide.

The fabric loading and unloading station brought by Soft Touch can perfectly solve this problem.

Exhibit 2: Grabbing Granular Bulk Objects

Some time ago, in the circle of friends, the duck web bionic design claws. I want to make an official appearance this time, let ’s start with a short video and have an eye addiction ~

The soft-touch design of this flexible gripper is certainly not for hunting. It is really used too much. It can be said that it is a product that is strongly requested by customers. Here I give 10,000 praises to the research and development brother. To laboratory powder reagent grabbing, it is all involved.

The automatic grasping of powder and fiber which is toxic and harmful to the human body has always been a pain point in the industry, and this duck web gripper is perfectly solved. Please come to the booth to see the specific solution.

Exhibit 3: Application of 3C Electronics Industry

These thin objects, similar to mobile phone screens, circuit boards, etc., can be grasped with this flat-headed claw in our picture. Thin objects generally have characteristics such as fragility and fragility. Flexible clamps can just protect these objects. In addition, the surface of such objects usually requires no marks, which means that there is a requirement for no marks on the manipulator when grasped by the manipulator, and the soft-touch claws can just meet such requirements, you will understand by watching a video ~

After watching the video, do you really want to touch the invisible fingers! !! Super amazing! !! The hand claw display cabinet that we have always exhibited at the exhibition, of course, will also be exhibited this time. You can feel the upgraded soft-touch fingers on the spot, touch it yourself, and verify the real scratch-free grasping ~

Exhibit 4: Hand-Eye Matching Interactive Games

Special shape gripping, multiple shapes, gripping with the same claw, soft-touch flexible gripper has always been a universal first-class stick. This set of exhibits is more interesting and interactive on the scene. Wait for you to experience the robotic arm and soft-touch claw directly Hand-eye matching interactive game ~