Soft robotic grippers designed for collaborative robots

On Robot’s two-finger soft robotics grippers—available in each single and twin versions—are designed to mount on the arms of cobots without any external wires. The RG2 grippers can be without problems programmed at once from the same interface as the robot, and the gripper can be modified without preceding programming experience, making them perfect for collaborative robot users. Features of the RG2 gripper include:

Simple and intuitive programming: RG2 lets operators effortlessly pick what they need the gripper to do and the gripper responds with motion as flexible as the cobot itself.

Angle mounting: From 0- to 180-deg in 30-deg steps, in both the single- and dual-gripper setup, the gripper ensures great flexibility and adaptability for comprehensive tasks.

Customizable fingertips: The gripper fingers aid the use of personalized fingertips, which can be designed through quit users to healthy production requirements.

Assisted center-of-gravity calculation: Users enter the cost of the payload and the robot calculates the rest, making programming easier, improving basic productiveness and improving safety by enabling extra correct robot arm movements.

Continuous grip indication: The gripper can determine any misplaced or intentionally eliminated object.