Ceramic, quartz, powder metallurgy small components are always pinched and damaged.

Miniature precision components are too small to be clamped,

The traditional cylinder layout is easy to interfere, and the space cannot be exhausted.

Soft robotic grippers, soft = soft, beak = beak. As the name suggests, it is a soft bionic beak, a soft-touch gripper that can gently hold those tiny, fragile and precise parts like a bird.

● Working principle and characteristics

Like the soft touch finger, the soft beak is also driven by air pressure, which uses the switching of air pressure to realize the opening and closing action of the end clamping part.

The difference is that the conventional soft-touch finger gripper adopts a working posture of positive pressure clamping and negative pressure opening, and the clamping force is proportional to the working air pressure. The soft beak series products are opposite to the finger action, adopting the working principle of positive pressure opening and negative pressure clamping.

(In addition, it should be noted that the working air pressure of the soft beak is lower than that of the soft touch finger. Please pay attention to the safety pressure setting during operation. Overload use may cause irreversible damage to the product; it is recommended to use the soft touch driver during use. Guarantee product life and stability)

Because of the working characteristics of positive pressure opening and negative pressure clamping, the soft beak has a small upper limit of its clamping force and cannot be adjusted. It is only suitable for light and tiny parts. However, the opening angle can be controlled by adjusting the positive pressure, which is especially suitable for scenes with small spaces.

● How to select and install

Compared with the finger module, it has its own independent inlet interface. To form a two-finger clamping, at least two fingers are required, that is, two air pipes are connected.

The soft beak adopts an independent air intake method, and only needs to be connected to one air pipe to work. According to the installation flange structure, direct air intake or side air intake can be selected.

The flexible beak module is installed with standard fittings and is easy to replace.