Synchronization: Cylinder drive problem?

Friends who often use pneumatic components know that when multiple cylinders work at the same time, it is difficult to achieve the same pace of multiple cylinders.

Even if it is difficult to stabilize, after a period of operation, it will deviate due to wear and unstable air pressure. This has always been a difficult problem that troubled the on-site deployment of cylinder components.

So how about the soft robotic gripper finger driven by air pressure, when we install many fingers in series or parallel?

Is it because the installation location is different, the length of the connected trachea is different, and the speed is not consistent?

Will the fingers move closer to the air source move first, and move the fingers away from the air source move later?

When more than ten soft robotic gripper fingerare installed in series, the movements are uniform and the first and last fingers move in full synchronization. Consistency is perfect. In contrast, the asynchronous phenomenon of the translation cylinder is very obvious.

So how does rochu soft robotic gripper do this?

The principle of cylinder products is to push the piston movement by air pressure. The movement speed of the piston is related to many factors such as pressure, cylinder diameter, friction between the inner wall of the cylinder and the piston seal, and gas flow. Under real conditions, when the two cylinders are synchronized, these parameters must be completely consistent, especially the frictional resistance of the piston changes dynamically with the aging of the sealing element, making it difficult to achieve synchronization. Under high-speed motion, asynchronous phenomenon more obvious.

soft robotic gripper finger, the action principle is very simple, and the elastic deformation can be controlled only by controlling the air pressure, and the deformation variable and the pressure have a strong linear correlation. The principle is similar to the muscles of the human hand. Under the premise of ensuring product consistency, its deformation and deformation speed can also reach extremely high consistency. Every product that Rou Touch mass-produces off the production line undergoes strict consistency testing before it leaves the factory. Therefore, in terms of the number of fingers, the synchronization is highly consistent.