I believe that you are very familiar with the doll grasping machine, and have played a lot, but there are only a few dolls that can be caught. In many cases, the dolls that seem to be easy to grab are often caught. Even if it was caught, it fell again when it was about to exit.

If you replace the paw of the doll grasping machine with the soft paw described below, it is guaranteed that it can be caught every time.

This soft manipulator was developed by a company called soft robot in Beijing. It has four soft tentacles, a bit like the claws of an octopus, which can be bent in both directions. According to reports, you can grab any object.

The traditional gripping manipulator and the gripping object are generally hard to touch, it is difficult to grasp smooth or fragile objects, and the use of soft robotic grippers can grasp objects of different sizes, shapes and weights, the surface is smooth Can also catch. Practicability is much wider than traditional hard manipulators.

Compared with the suction soft robotic grippers designed by rochu, this site is more practical. It combines automation with soft claws to achieve the flexibility of a human hand, which is difficult for traditional robots such as eggs, tomatoes, and crabs to grasp. Objects, it can be easily competent.

It also adopts a flexible and universal design, which can quickly switch the grips for different purposes, and the trachea can be plug and play through the SRT controller.

This highly practical manipulator can also be used in industrial automation production lines, with a movement accuracy of 0.1mm, which can achieve high-precision grasping of objects. At present, the company has applied for a patent for the software manipulator and gradually realizes industrial automation Applications.

It is believed that in the near future, the production line will be lined up with rows of manipulators to achieve unmanned light-off work, and hand over long, repetitive and energy-consuming assembly line work to the robots.