Under the premise of not changing the fixture, choose different clamping methods according to different types of workpieces, realize the opening and closing action of the end clamping part under the action of pneumatic, and have the self-adaptive ability of centimeter level, which can quickly meet the second time of the production line. The deployment effectively replaces manual labor, unmanned operation, reduces labor costs, high efficiency, high stability production, and both safety and high adaptability, filling the gap in the flexible internal support industry.
BM-4B32[P]/S and BM-4B32[H]/S type standard Soft Robotic Grippers can be used for internal support of 20mm-40mm diameter workpieces, and can be internally supported without changing the clamping jaws. Thin-walled pipe fittings of different diameters, bottle caps, glass products, etc., can be grasped gently, fast and smoothly, and can be used in manufacturing, medical or food industries.