We know that, except for a few visa-free countries, visas are required to go abroad. Especially in developed countries in Europe and America, visas are even stricter.

So for soft robotic grippers companies, what permits are needed to export products to Europe and the United States?

CE safety certification, RoHS environmental protection material and process certification, and EC1935 food-grade material testing are strict product safety and quality assurances that have entered the EU. Only products with these certifications can be circulated in the EU market, while FDA food safety testing is for entering the North American market. Admission ticket.

As of May 2019, the flexible grippers and controllers of Softtouch Robotics Technology Co., Ltd. have successively passed CE certification, RoHS certification, FDA testing, and 1935/2004/EC testing. After continuous R&D and innovation, we have passed the rigorous inspections and audits of two major European and American certification agencies with super high quality, and provide users with soft touch products that do not endanger the basic safety of humans, animals and the environment.